December 22, 2017 3 min read

Welcome to Blue Valley Woodworks, and our maiden blog post. Or blost.

As you make your way around this website, you may pick up on Blue Valley Woodworks as being fairly new. It is, in the context of being a relatively new business venture, a relatively new website, and a smattering of products. The last, a smattering of products, we hope to expand upon quickly.

But the notion of Blue Valley Woodworks is not really all that new. It just took me several decades to get here. I will spare you the life history and travelog of how I got here, but suffice it to say, Blue Valley Woodworks, or BVW as shown on the logo, embodies something I have always wanted to do. Create things. Build things. Make things to pass to someone else.

I can credit a lot of people for helping me develop one of my characteristic values: quality. I like and value items of quality. Quality service. Quality products. And it is not always quantifiable, but an intangible. The way something looks, catches your eye, conveys a value of being better than other similar type items. When you pick it up, the way it feels in your hands, the texture, weight, size. You sense and ascribe a value to it, a quality that is appealing and comfortable. You decide it is something you like, something you want, either for yourself or someone close to you.

I wouldn't say I am a perfectionist (though I have been accused of trying to be), but I believe when I make something, it should be the best I can do. I could just make "stuff". I could just try to sell "stuff". But I don't buy just "stuff", so why should I expect you to.

What I make, build, create, is with the best I have to offer. Then. I may like it, but I know I can always do better. Either in the materials used, the production process, or my skill set. But I am seldom satisfied. Make no mistake, there are times when I surprise myself with something I made. And I try to remember how I did it so I am sure to achieve the same level of quality the next time I make it. Why? The challenge of doing better is one reason. Another is I want you to find your value in it, and I want to do my best for you.

Like most people starting their blog, it is a building process. I am not entirely sure what direction I will take this, the blog, that is, but I will do my best to try to make it interesting and not just a diary entry.

I usually do most everything myself because I am somewhat demanding on the end result. It can also be cheaper and faster that way. But what I cannot do alone is build this business. I need your help with spreading the word. Like us, share us, pin us, and shop us! Help get the word out about this neat woodworking company that sprung up and is making some high quality, handcrafted products that are as functional as they are good looking. And don't be bashful. If there is something you would like but don't see it, let me know and we can talk it over.

Again, thank you very much for visiting Blue Valley Woodworks, looking around, and pausing to read this blost. I just felt it was time to get the sawdust flying . . .

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