March 13, 2019 4 min read

We have recently revamped the look of our website, consolidating two onto one platform. This presented the opportunity to change some things, remove some things, and, you guessed it, add some things.

So, you ask, what does that have to do with this blog title? Patience, Grasshopper…..

During the redesign phase, it occurred to us that now would be a good time to pick a social cause, and promote it. Yeah, there is the “feel good” element of promoting a social cause, and there is the business development aspect of picking something that will attract an audience, engage them, and get them to buy things. And, for quite a while, that just wasn’t something we wanted to do. It seemed shallow. If we were going to do that, promote a social cause, it needed to be something that touched us. And, if it meant that much to us, hopefully, it would also mean more to you.

Surfing Facebook one evening as a distraction from revamping the website, among other things, I came across a post from one of the animal rescue groups I follow. (Yes, I am moving between first person singular and plural. This is not a grammar test…..)

The post had an image very similar to many others I had seen in the past, but for some reason, this one struck a chord. It was of a severely injured cat, one most likely the victim of intentional physical abuse. This cat had been rescued, taken to the emergency veterinarian, was receiving care, but ultimately died from its injuries. As a multi-cat caretaker myself (I don’t “own” animals; they are not possessions…) and one who really appreciates all animals, even squirrels, raccoons and possums (and, yes, I will pick up and move the occasional garden snake to another area in the yard…), seeing this particular image really resonated. I knew what the “social cause” for Blue Valley Woodworks would be.

It is to promote the need, facilitate the collection of donations for, and raise awareness of volunteer-run animal rescue groups which provide emergency veterinary care for sick, injured, and abused animals.

Sounds great, right? How are we going to do that, though? What does that really mean?

Obviously, there are thousands of deserving animal rescue groups across the nation, the globe, for that matter. One local e-commerce website can’t possibly do anything that will benefit them all. Correct. There is no way a single donation can be distributed to a multitude of groups, and expect it to not be so diluted that the recipient really gains no value. So we are going to start with one organization near us in Dallas, Texas. That is to start. The goal, the dream, is that it will grow and we will be able to add more, identifying groups in those areas where you, our patrons, customers, suppliers, readers, occasional transient viewer, live and work. That we will be able to direct funds and awareness to help get the needed emergency veterinary care for the real beneficiary: the injured and sick animals.

We are still formulating just how this will function so that you are able to help. To start, though, Blue Valley Woodworks will donate a percentage of each sale to “prime the pump,” as they say. That way, we are both doing something good. Another idea we are tossing about is to periodically pick an item and promote it with a greater percentage going to the charitable organization. Oh, yes, every recipient organization will be a qualified non-profit under IRC Sec. 501(c)(3). We know how to verify that.  😎

But wait, that is not all. We want you to be able to contribute directly, and get not only the feel good feeling for doing so, but the charitable donation for tax purposes as well. We also realize you may have a preference for focusing your donation for a particular specie or breed, or organization. We are working on making that happen, and not by us collecting your donation directly. We want to do it in such a way that the donation is maximized for the benefit of the charitable organization. That is, there aren’t fees taken by “processors” along the way. There will be some, but we want to avoid as many as possible. More information on that as it develops.

Why the focus on selecting organizations that provide emergency veterinary care, you ask? Don’t all of the rescue groups need money? Yes, they all do. And we realize not every group gets their fair share. We know it takes money to provide the daily essentials for all: healthy, sick and injured. We also know that many groups just don’t have the funds allotted to handle emergencies, so they don’t. When an animal is in crisis, worrying about how the veterinarian bill is going to get paid, or how much it will affect caring for the others, should not be a worry. These groups take to social media to try and raise money while the animal is being rushed to a vet, or trying to raise money so the animal can be claimed from the shelter (since not all municipal shelters will do emergency care) and taken to a vet, risking the animal passing in the interim. Our hope and goal is to collect the funds and donate when there is not an emergency, restricting the use of the funds for this purpose, so there is money in the coffers to at least get the care started. The organization may have to solicit more donations anyway, but we want to lessen that need.

We at Blue Valley Woodworks look forward to creating and selling enticing and functional items for you to purchase, making a profit on those sales, and now also donating a percentage of that profit to a group that really, really will benefit from our combined “social cause” effort: the sick and injured animals that don’t have their fur-ever home and are in need of emergency care. We feel it is very worthwhile. We hope you will also.

Thanks for reading. Ciao!  (…or is that meow??)

(Image is of Oliver, a few days after being hit by a car (not my fault he was out, don't judge). Not homeless. Adopted. Very much loved. Very expensive vet bills over the next 2-1/2 years, so we know the need these rescue groups have, and the burden they take on))

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