About BVW

So, who the heck is Blue Valley Woodworks?

  • We are a Maker of Handcrafted wood stuff. Neat stuff that is functional as well as good looking. Stuff that if we were out shopping, we would want to buy it too.
  • We are local. Dallas, Texas, local. Born and raised here local. But we sell all over.

How did Blue Valley Woodworks get started?

  • It started with a tree. And not just any tree. A Red Oak planted as a sapling over 50 years ago at the family homestead (back to that local thing…) had some major trimming done. Feeling it was a waste to send really good wood to the trash or use as firewood, the idea to start a woodworking business was born.

And then what?

  • We started making stuff. First were black iron pipe lamps using some of the Red Oak branches as the lamp base. Stylish and functional.
  • Then we needed to do something with the smaller branches, so tealight candle holders came to mind. Really popular, too!
  • Though the genesis was to reclaim the wood from the Red Oak and show off the grain and color, shoppers don’t live to buy Red Oak alone. And not all tastes are for rustic. So we started making modern candle holders using some other premium woods. Then the idea for serving trays came to mind. And all sorts of stuff evolved from there.

Why do you do it?

  • The easy answer is it is fun. The thoughtful answer is it lets us be creative, develop skills, try new techniques, and new tools (yeah, big power tools!!). This also gets us up from behind the desk, to be active, get dirty, scratch our head a lot, sometimes grumble, and in the end, stand back and really appreciate how beautiful wood is.
  • We also do it to take an idea, your idea, and make it tangible. We really want to make stuff that you want, not just what we want or think you want.
  • And we want to make things that you can use, not just stuff that is pretty. Our greatest satisfaction is knowing you like it. Appreciate it. Use it. We also really like it when you buy our stuff.

Do you make it yourself, or outsource it?

  • We make it ourselves. Now, that is a bit of a loaded question because we don’t make our own black iron pipe, and we don’t cut down and mill the trees ourselves, or formulate the stains and finishes. Well, maybe a couple. But we do take rough wood, new and reclaimed, and work it into finished products. With our own hands. And, yes, we do use power tools because, if we did not, we would be way far behind in getting stuff made.
  • There have been a few to suggest we outsource. But one of the main reasons for doing this is to make things ourselves. When it gets really busy, we will add more people to be makers. That is what it means to build a business. This business. The one where we can control the finished product, keeping it to the high standards we have set, and continue to raise. Quality products. Made local in the USA. Handcrafted by Blue Valley Woodworks.