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General Cocktail Party Gotta-Knows

Hey! The Warped Wood Pile is a collection of things that aren't typically handcrafted woodworkings, such as, apparel and miscellaneous accessories.

We also have a spot for discounted products. What, you ask? Discounted Products? Yes, sometimes we make something that just doesn't meet our standards (which are pretty high!!) Rare, but it does happen. So, rather than throw them away or use as fuel for the smoker, we will sell them at a discounted price.

We will be adding items periodically, so keep checking back. Better yet, sign up for our Community email list and be among the first to know!!

Absolutely!! And a GREAT question! So many companies nowadays do have a "social cause," and we did not want to just pick one to have one.

We at Blue Valley Woodworks have a really soft heart for animals. All animals. Even raccoons and possums.

What touches us the most are the injured animals needing emergency care. We are thankful there exists the volunteer groups that answer the call to do all they can to provide the inured animal with the needed care. But it takes money. A lot of money sometimes.

So, our social cause is to raise money, and we hope awareness, for the groups that provide emergency veterinary care to sick, injured, and abused, animals.

You can read more in our "Heard Around The Workbench" blog post (when we get it posted...)

Yeah, still zenning

Wholesale Inquiries

Yes, we welcome the opportunity to expand our presence in other Brick & Mortar stores. We sell wholesale on Faire.

Really easily! This link will take you to our Elevate signup page to get you started! Looking forward to seeing you there!  Faire Elevate

Thanks for the inquiry. While we do sell wholesale, we limit that to only Brick & Mortar stores. They may sell products online, but there has to first be a physical storefront.

We restrict online only sellers from selling our items because, well, we're selling it online here. If you also have a B&M store, please signup through our Faire Elevate link.

Hey, thanks for the question. Elevate is the Faire referral program that provides our brick & mortar retailers with 60-day terms, free freight on their first order, and free returns on opening orders with new Makers.

But wait, there's more!!

Retailers that create a new Faire account through our link will receive a $200 discount towards their order with us on Faire!


Hey there. Great question.

Yes, we do some customization. For instance, our Chalkboard Serving Trays may have a custom message applied prior to shipping.

We also are happy to speak with you about modifying one of our existing products, such as a different wood specie or finish.

We are working on adding that as a feature soon. Our goal is to add engraving on a CNC mill (I know, too technical...) and make it available for serving trays, home decor signs, and other suitable stuff.

Some items just will not be able to be engraved, such as round and cube candle holders.

We are always happy to discuss special product requests from our customers. Use our Contact Form or email us at SalesInfo@BlueValleyWoodworks.com.


Thanks for your question. Please allow about a week for most items to be crafted and finished. Some will take a bit longer depending on the curing time for the finish, others not quite as long.

We use USPS for the vast majority of orders, and usually Priority Mail. That seems to be the most affordable for both of us.

We will ship expedited, but that is more expensive. Please use our Contact Us form with your specifics and well will be happy to discuss further.

Woops! Been there, done that.

We will put our Shop Minions on it right away, keeping in mind the curing time on some finishes may take a few days. But we can certainly use an expedited shipping service when the order is ready to go.