Blue Valley Woodworks

Cedar Tealights Candle Holder

Enhance your table centerpiece with this natural Western Red Cedar 3-place tea light candle holder. Surround the holder with your greenery or floral arrangement, raising the candles nearly 2 inches above the surface. The rough texture of the cedar adds a subtle rustic element, while being well placed in many decors. Use the 3-place candle holder as an everyday accent on a mantel or entryway table, or complement your festive table decorating as well as throughout the house. This 3-place Western Red Cedar tea light candle holder is also perfect for parties, weddings, or any other celebrations where a consistent centerpiece theme is required.

This 3-place tea light candle holder measures 9” L x 3-3/4” W x 1-3/4” H.  A clear polyurethane finish is applied, enhancing the natural color of the wood. The protective finish seals the wood fibers, easing the removal of any spilt wax, and increasing the resistance to staining from spilled liquids.  The same care should be followed as with other wood products with a polyurethane finish. Because of the rough texture, a feather duster or vacuum should be used to remove dust.

Each piece of cedar wood has natural variations in color, grain and, to retain the rough texture of the cedar, the width and height dimensions. Though we make every effort to produce a consistent product, there may be slight variations in the product you receive from the image displayed.

Includes 3 standard size tea light candles.

Looking for a different configuration or finish? A different wood specie to fit your taste? Drop us a note and we will be pleased to work with you on fulfilling your vision.

This product is intended for use with candles producing flames. Accordingly, placement of the candle holder and the use of flame producing candles should be with adult supervision, in a location away from flammable materials such as curtains and fabrics, paper and similar material, dry foliage, aerosols, liquids, gases or other combustibles. Do not leave burning candles unattended. Blue Valley Woodworks is not responsible for damages caused by those who use this product in a manner contrary to its safe, expected and intended purpose. As an alternative to the use of flame producing candles, LED tea candles may also be used in this candle holder.