Blue Valley Woodworks

Makeup Brush Holder-Double Size

Makeup brushes out of control? Have they taken over your vanity or dressing area? We have the solution.

Our Double Size Makeup Brush Holder.

When you are in a hurry, one of the last things you need is looking for the right makeup brush. Which drawer is it in? Did it roll off onto the floor? The Double Size Makeup Brush Holder will keep your brushes upright so you can see exactly which brush you need. All while protecting the most important part of your makeup brush investment: the bristle!

Organize your makeup brushes and have them within easy reach and view when you need them. Featuring 4 large cylinders for powder brushes, lipsticks, or anything else you need. Plus, space for 8 brushes or pencils up to ½” in diameter, and 5 slimmer handle brushes or pencils up to 3/8” in diameter.

Our makeup brush holders add a touch of elegance and style to your beauty station. Handcrafted from premium wood species, and finished to a satin texture in colors to blend with any décor. The Double Size Makeup Brush Holder is no exception. Measuring 6” in length, 4” wide and 3” tall, this makeup brush holder is compact, but not overcrowded. Each cylinder is a minimum 2” deep, standing the brush upright and secure. The large cylinders are 1-3/8” in diameter, perfect for the larger handle brushes.

The Double Size Makeup Brush Holder is offered in a variety of wood species and colors, with the exception of Mahogany. With its rich reddish brown color and exquisite grain characteristics, the Double Size Makeup Brush Holder in Mahogany is available only with the natural Danish oil finish.

Have a particular finish or wood specie in mind? Drop us a note and let's work on it.

Makeup and makeup brushes are not included.